Friday, June 15

Here's that link I found. Electronic Publishing . I hope I did this right!

Thursday, June 14

I'm just checking to see if I can do this correctly. I'll hopefully add more tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13

Since many of you already help others use the computer, I thought you might find this article inspiring. (Actually you might find it even more inspiring if you're just learning how to make use of the computer.)

How to Help Someone Use a Computer

The author, Phil Agre, is a computer science professor at the University of California,who evidently has a long list of publications with interesting titles. If you want to see for yourself, go to
Okay... so I'm at work at the reference desk and it's a very slow night. Here are a few little stories for all you aspiring librarians out there.
24 hour reference
cyberporn in libraries
Now this is a dedicated patron!
See you all in class.
Hello all! I work at the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences reference desk and frequently deal with patrons who are upset that we have cancelled our subscriptions to journals. Pricing of print and electronic journals certainly is a major concern for librarians everywhere. Here is a link for information from the University of Iowa about its Year 2000 Serials Cancellation Project. Although electronic journals are not the focus of these reports, I think it is interesting to take a quick look at what's going on in our libraries.

Tuesday, June 12

Here's one more citation about our class from Library Stuff on
Friday, June 8th, 2001:
"I just set it up so I can post from work. No more late nights...yeah!!
Library Geek points out that there is an assignment in a library school in Iowa that pertains to looking at weblogs. Well, for those in that class, welcome to "the stuff", and please let me know what you thought of my site."
Hello everyone! Here is my first posting. I hope it works...
Anne Gehringer

Monday, June 11

OK, now that our little project has gotten even more publicity (from NewBreed Librarian and the German Netbib [translation]), Blogger is having a problem adding new users to our blog. Best-laid plans.... I'm investigating solutions and hope to have one soon.