Friday, June 22

One topic we haven't talked much about is the design of electronic publications. (Watch for a question on this article in the 06.28 quiz...).

Thursday, June 21

Hi there, I would like to introduce a Weblog about ebook, Pocket PC eBook in particular. It has a great amount of information about ebook, including refeences, eBook software, and ebook reader etc.

Hello fellow Electronic Publishing folks. Here's a site that Prof. Elmborg showed us back in Online Information Systems last spring. It's an online library. Unfortunately you need to have a subscription to actually use the resource, but you might want to take the tour. Questia I figure since we are journeying in the digital/electronic world that this site would be relevant. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19

Since I know we all have so much free time to do extra reading...Here's an article that deals with the medical journal Pediatrics successfully publishing some electronic only articles. Thought it might be of interest to some of you.
Hi, I found a weblog about information technology economy: ejournal. It has news such as web writing integrity which, I think, is relevant to electronic publishing.
Sarah--speaking of copyright issues, have you seen The Plagiarism Resource Center Home Page?

Monday, June 18

OK, so apparently, I am inept with links. I'll keep trying. Sorry.
I was looking at Library Stuff and came across an article about Periodical woes that discusses cost issues of print periodicals in a public library setting. As a public librarian, I wonder if this won't become an issue as far as subscribing to ejournals as well? Just a little thought/question.
I was browsing through the archives of Neat New Stuff on the Net and came across an article in the May 4th issue about Copyright issues that seemed interesting. I'm not sure if it answers any questions but it lays out some of the issues involved pretty well.
Historians have long been troubled by modern amnesia. They would be even more chilled by this new evidence of "fake memory." The question is: how is history possible when it is fraught with lies and false memories, plus willful forgetting? (thanks Follow Me Here)

Sunday, June 17

Greetings Everyone! Here is a very interesting forum that I learned about from a medical libraries discussion list I belong to. The Nature forum is dedicated to "the impact of the Web on the publishing of the results of original research." It includes several articles written on some of the issues we have discussed in class. Thought some of you might like to look at it.