Friday, June 29

Greetings everyone. I found this little article which talks briefly about XML and XMCL and the delivery of online materials. It's all a bit over my head at this point, but I thought this article might interest some of you.
Happy 4th of July!
I found a Website: Internet Scout Weblog which provides links from academic resources and around the Web. For example, there is a sholarly work about ebook: Defining the Future of the Book in the Digital World.

Have a nice weekend.

Hello all. Here's an article I found off my Rogue Librarian weblog that I am looking at during the semester. It addresses all the issues we have been discussing so far, like copyright, intellectual property rights, fair use, etc. It's pretty interesting. Owning the Future

Thursday, June 28

I missed one topic in my little show this morning. Another question that occurs when thinking about circulation ebook readers is how your circulation statistics will work. If you check out the ebook reader, do you count that as circulating 30 books, or however many are loaded on the reader, or do you just say that you checked out one item? Just a question from those of us whose funding is determined by circulation statistics... Thanks for listening this morning and for reading now.

Wednesday, June 27

I talked to Anne about this briefly but, on the topic of electronic texts, the Internet Public Library has a collection of texts that are searchable as well as browsable by auther, title or Dewey Decimal Number. Internet Public Library Books

Tuesday, June 26

Hi everyone,
I thought I would just send this tidbit of interest to you in case you want to see how Grosse Pointe Public Library is offering their eBook readers to their patrons.
Hi me again,
I also find a trade journal which is a web version of the International News Magazine for Book pusblishing and Bookselling. By searching their Web site, you can find more than 90 relevant articles about ebook. You can find how people in the publishig industry talk about ebook.

I found many articles about EBook from the New York Times. There is an artilce: Digital Book Turf Battle Escalates Over Royalities. Find that artilce and you can find more articles about ebook that are hyperlinked to the first article. For some reasons, you don't need to pay to get access to those articles.


Monday, June 25

Since we're going to be focusing on XML soon, you might want to see the article in today's (6-25-01) Iowa City Gazette (p. 4 D) entitled "Smart data changing the way we work: XML promises to allow more focus on important tasks."
Hello All! Here's an article about the Supreme Court's recent ruling that free-lance writers can control whether their work which had been previously published in print formats (like newspapers or magazines) may be reproduced in electronic forms such as full-text databases.