Friday, July 6

I did a search on XML through and came up with a ton of useful information. I will provide some links to those I found of interest in a little bit. The number of sites dedicated to XML leads me to believe that it is indeed an up and coming way to publish electronically. Here are the links I talked about earlier. XML and W3C Architecture Domain . One of these is from W3C, the organization Clint mentioned yesterday in class. Hope you find these useful!

Thursday, July 5

While purusing the weblog I am following, Neat New Stuff on the Net, I stumbled across a very practicle application of the hypertext literature and technology that Holly discussed this morning. While it is not a story the Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science makes excellent use of the power this technology provides.
Hi there,
I found a weblog about XML: eclectic - the XML-DEV weblog. It offers XML related news and links.

Wednesday, July 4

Hi everyone. Here is a link to the site that I got from the weblog I have been following, Library Stuff. It lists lots of online journals and newsletters that deal with information management, information science, and information systems. Some of them may be useful to some of you so I thought I would share the list.

Monday, July 2

Hi, there: for anyone (like myself) who is interested in political and cultural issues, go to Follow Me Here . Personally, I found many entries in the blog stimulating. For instance, the latest entry reminds us of the frightening presence of "human bombers" and their enigmatic "culture."

Sunday, July 1

For everyone (right?) who can't get enough of XML, I thought I'd mention the following websites: The XML Cover Page and The XML Software Site . You'll find about everything you've ever wanted here (relating to XML at least).