Friday, July 13

Anne has already told you about Library Stuff so I thought I would just supplement her information. I have been following it as well. What strikes me most about this weblog is the variety of information. It appears that if it happens in, around or on a library, Mr. Cohen will tell you about it. If it happens to a librarian, he'll tell you about it. It is fascinating to me that there is such a wide range of information found here. I appreciate the simplicity of the site as well. It is also nice to have a general idea of what you are linking to based on the context of the phrase around it.
Back to the ebook discussion, this is an interesting article regarding the implementation of ebooks in libraries. It looks like access to information doesn't mean much without marketing that information to your patrons.
Now that we are all in the full swing of our XML projects, I found this great tutorial that gives some pretty good hints on how to create your DTD. It goes a little farther than the book, so it might prove useful for us as we put together our rough draft DTD this weekend for Wednesday. Here's the tutorial . Hope it helps!!

Thursday, July 12

I really liked the brief article Chingsen recommended (7/12/2001): Media-Independent Publishing: Four Myths about XML I loved his beginning: "MYTH 1: XML IS A CONSIPIRACY LED BY MICROSOFT. XML is a conspiracy, but not Microsoft's."
Hi, I think there is a weblog about xml, xslt, weblog etc. More Like This Weblog -- Meta: XML It is part of website. Also, there is an article about the concept of XML: "Media-Independent Publishing: Four Myths about XML." The article is not talking about the hype of XML as a myth but clarifies some misunderstandings about XML.


Wednesday, July 11

I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little about the library weblog I have been following, Library Stuff. This weblog features articles which would be of general interest to librarians and other individuals fond of books. Almost every day, the site's creator, Steven Cohen, provides a handful of links (along with a brief comment) to articles of interest. The site is very easy to navigate and maintains a simple and uncluttered appearance. I like the fact that Mr. Cohen provides personal information about who he is and what he does for a living (he's an assistant librarian at a law firm). Overall I find this to be a nice site to visit every few days to get a look at what's going on in the world of library and information science. Visit it sometime and see what you think.

Tuesday, July 10

I haven't done any searching re: XML, my brain doesn't like it. But I did find an article that was interesting regarding free access to medical journals for poor nations. Just a bit of info of interest.
Did you know there is a magazine devoted to XML? I came across it today at Barnes and Nobles (in the "computer section"). It's called "XML" Journal (Sys.con Media) and it has a lot to offer the beginner, including a new series for the novice "XML Tutorial: Getting Up to speed with XML." That and more--all for $4.99 an issue (which of course must be less for a yearly subscription).