Thursday, July 26

Congratulations everyone on finishing your XML projects! I don't have much to add to the weblog this week but I did find one final article about some possible future advances with eBooks. Hope everyone enjoys their break and finds time to do something fun!
Here's CSS Check that I promised to put up on the weblog.

Wednesday, July 25

As I struggle with xml and it's handmaidens, it helps me to remember why this could be/will be so useful. has an very clear article on this--relating to css especially--that I think everyone might enjoy: "Style Sheets: Why Should We Care?"
[And if my link fails--go to's site directly look for this featured article (or "search" their site for the title)].

Sunday, July 22

Reading Chingsen's entry about an xml weblog inspired me to search too. There doesn't seem to be a lot--I was hoping for a discussion of xml issues or the latest news. Still, you might want to look at Weblog Madness 's xml links; and . You can look at the xml of Eugene Pervago's Weblog by clicking the little button on the left (marked "XML"). None, however, are as useful as Chingsen's links. [p.s. I really enjoyed Sara's links below (7-22-01).]
As the last week of summer school appears on the calendar, I though you might enjoy a site that provides an excellent study break. Thanks to Neat New Stuff on the Net, a link to a site dealing with poorly designed products, enjoy.